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A 252 Basics subscription gives you an online-based licensing agreement to access the following:

  • Large Group: comprehensive notes/scripts for Bible story, worship and prayer time; engaging visuals
  • Small Group: step-by-step games and activities; group discussion; activity pages
  • Production notes and drama sketches for multiple family experience productions
  • Directors’ notes to assist with drama for family experience productions
  • Original, monthly song to use during worship or music time
  • Parent CUE to encourage parents to interact with and teach their children about faith and character at home
  • GodTime cards to help children establish a consistent devotional experience
  • Free training resources to help you get the most out of 252 Basics
  • NOW INCLUDED FOR FREE: Annual access to, a website that has great tools and resources for families to use at home. Access to the site is equal to the number of children you designate in your subscription/license.

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