The fine print:

The two months of curriculum for FirstLook or 252 are June and July.  

The curriculum and videos will be available via download.  The following items will be shipped to you.

(2) Monthly Story Posters (for 252)
(20) Widgets (for 252)
(3) Basic Truths Posters
(40) Amber Sky Music Download Cards - (20 for June & 20 for July)

Otherwise, our fine print is very limited, but we do have one simple request.  If you’ve used or tried either First Look, 252 Basics or XP3 curriculum within the past six months, you’ll need to select a different option.  For example, if you’ve used 252 Basics within the past six months, but do not have an active subscription, you’ll still need to choose from First Look or XP3 Students.

This offer lasts until June 30, 2013 or while supplies of the posters, widgets and other environmental enhancements last.  

If you have any questions, please call 888.513.1788 or email