About XP3 Students

About XP3


We understand there a lot of things competing for your attention these days. You have goals. Demands. Expectations. Aspirations. And we know that your time is limited so doing everything that needs to be done seems virtually impossible. Until now. XP3 exists so your influence in your ministry and with your students can last longer and go deeper than you may have ever thought possible.

We help you get to where you want to go by giving you more…



XP3 provides you with suggestions for everything from your stage and room decoration to the background and worship music, including an icebreaker game for each session and a bumper video for each series. We also give you graphics to use to promote the series – including images for Facebook and Instagram. The end goal is to help you create an environment that helps your students connect and engage with the content.


Why reinvent the wheel each week? XP3 provides comprehensive, purposeful and customizable curriculum for you to use in your student ministry environment. The Large Group component is available as a Script and Outline and moves through the following sections: Introduction, Tension, Truth, Application and Landing. Series are biblically based and address topics that focus in on helping students "grow spiritually," "examine biblically," "decide personally," "connect relationally" and "serve actively."


All teaching content is created with the small group in mind. Each small group dialog includes a goal for small group and several questions intended to foster authentic and personal conversations so your students can start to internalize the session's bottom line. Like everything else with XP3, the small group dialog is designed to be contextualized to fit the personality and needs of each small group.



XP3 gives you a strategic content calendar with detailed, weekly teaching scripts and outlines that you can personalize to fit your own voice. The content calendar covers your teaching for 48 weeks each year. Every series provides topical and biblical content that speaks to the real and felt needs of students throughout the year.


XP3 acknowledges parents as the primary influence in the life of a student. That's why we want to help you engage the family, as you come alongside and equip parents to support their student's faith. XP3 includes a ParentCue with each series so that both parents and students can have a point of conversation about the subject matter and learn from each other.


XP3 strives to help move students past information into experience. That's because we believe application is crucial. The goal for every series is to make it as easy as possible for students to take what they are learning and apply it to their faith and life. XP3 creates an experiential activity (XP) for students to live out what they are learning with each series.



When you subscribe to XP3 you don't just get curriculum – you get a partnership. You'll have a dedicated Orange Specialist who can walk you through implementing XP3, The Orange Strategy, and everything else in between. XP3 also provides a training section with valuable tools that can help you recruit, train and equip volunteers to lead students spiritually and relationally.


As a student leader, you undoubtedly spend lots of time staying in touch with students, parents, and volunteers. With that in mind, XP3 provides you with tools to help stay in-touch and engaged with all three groups. There’s a social media plan for parents and students, the Parent Cue, and even a short and concise email for small group leaders that tells them everything they need to know each week. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.


XP3 is a part of a bigger strategy called Orange, which believes that two influences combined make a greater impact than two separate influences. For us, those two influences are church and home. XP3 is designed to help you increase your influence with students by providing you tools to connect them with their parents, their small group leader and to grow a faith they can call their own.

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