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I have always believed in a team approach to ministry, and now with you guys, I am basically teaming with you as I teach each week. My creativity has been able to flourish because of our partnership with XP3. It has been a good experience. We were even able to use one of the series, On the Lot, for a retreat we did. It was perfect for us to use to go deeper into God’s word.

Michael from TN

I have a confession, I hated curriculum and dreaded the thought that I’d be constricted to it when I started working at this church! However, our partnership and the quality of your series have blown away all my preconceived notions! I just wanted to let you know that it has not constricted me but instead has set my teaching free and has helped me grow as a communicator, as well as help students see how practical it is in their daily lives! Thanks a ton for all the work you guys do to help us youth pastors impact the lives of students around the world!

Nate from Ohio

We tried out the ANGRY series with our students. It went incredible. Our small group leaders said they have never seen their students so excited. They also said their students were excited about doing a group experience project such as the XP with their small group. They were excited about being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Adam from AL

The Reflections series touched the untouchables in our group. There were great responses from students about their struggles and lies. Many took off their masks.

Shan from IN

I really like the curriculum because it has a parent partnership element. My parents are becoming some of my best friends now. It used to be that I was always fighting with them because they didn’t understand ‘stuff’ and didn’t get it. I have been doing youth ministry since 1990 and this is by far the BEST material I have ever used. I no longer take bits and pieces of other stuff and make it better. This is simply better!

John from NC

Just thought I’d let you know that Storm Watch has had the best response from our students so far! The teens were really honest with their ‘Storm Stories.’ We had a great starting point for being able to deal with some of their storms and a great perspective for living with them.

Chris from NY