You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. In fact, we just received an award for the longest FAQs page on planet Orange and two other planets.


Do you have quarterly payment options? When can I have access to the materials once I’ve purchased my license? Do I have to purchase a license for 252 Basics and/or XP3 Students separately from First Look? Why don't First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 Students have the same focus each month? Do you accept checks? Can you invoice me for the curriculum renewal? What kind of support do you offer once I purchase the curriculum? What kind of training opportunities do you have? Why are some of the letters missing when I print? When I print the materials, it prints black boxes. I've entered my curriculum username and password, and I still can't log into the store. What is the password for the PDFs so I can edit them? Why do the PDFs not view or print correctly? How do I change the primary user? What is a secondary user? How do I add secondary users to my account? Why can I not download? Or, I receive an error when I download. Does XP3 Students work with 252 Basis for the strategic development of students? How? How does XP3 Students fit in with the Orange strategy? Do I need to use all of the curriculums from Orange? Or can I use only a single curriculum? Does XP3 Students offer a video component? Is there an overall master plan for the topical series offered? How do you define wonder, discovery and passion in your topics? Is there a sequence to the XP3 Students series? How often are series updated? How many sessions are in a series? For churches who do both Sunday morning and an evening program, would this work better for Sunday morning or the evening service? Can you split it up and do the corporate piece one day and small groups on another? Is XP3 Students for middle school or high school students? How does the small group dialog work? What’s the difference between the middle school and high school small group dialog questions? What if I decide that XP3 Students isn’t for me? How do I get the curriculum?