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A XP3 Students subscription gives you an online-based licensing agreement to access the following:

  • Large Group: High School teaching scripts, creative environment ideas (worship playlists, background playlists, set ideas), and engaging visuals
  • Small Group: contextualized for High School
  • Parent CUE: designed to encourage parents and students to interact with one another about the content of each series
  • XP: An experiential “how to” piece that gives you a step-by-step guide in how to lead students in an event or activity that lets them do something with the truths they are learning in each series
  • Free training resources to help you get the most out of XP3 Students

Our series vary in length, but the average series is around three weeks. Each series carries a specific credit value, and the credits are based on the number of weeks in a series. For example . . .
1 week series = 5 credits
2 week series = 10 credits
3 week series = 15 credits
4 week series = 20 credits
5 week series = 25 credits
6 week series = 30 credits

The Introductory and Annual Partnerships allow you one year to use the allotted number of credits. Once you select a series, then you have a one-year license to access and use the content. The INTRODUCTORY PARTNERSHIP provides an entry point for those of you who want to test things out and kick the tires. However, our ANNUAL PARTNERSHIP provides bonus tools and resources to help you implement the Orange strategy on a whole new, uh, level.

When you subscribe to the XP3’s Annual Partnership, you get more than great student curriculum, you get a partner that supports you in every area of your student ministry. An Annual Partnership includes resources to help you in these critical areas:

  • Yearly Planning: XP3 has multiple series to choose from with a wide range of applicable topics for your students. An annual partnership comes with a suggested yearly path of how, when, and why to plan these series for a successful content calendar. There is an annual rhythm to XP3 and we make it simple and clear in order to provide you with a time-tested, proven pathway that you can modify to fit the needs of your particular student group.
  • Leadership Development: Each quarter, you’ll get free access to one month’s worth of leadership development from our Stuff Leaders Want leadership curriculum. You’re on the front lines in influencing the leaders of the next generation, so we want to equip you with resources to help you grow as a leader as you work to develop those in your student ministry, both students and volunteers.
  • Strategy Consulting: Having the right tools is a great thing, but getting personalized advice and attention about how to use those tools is even better. As an XP3 Annual Partner, you’ll have an XP3 Student Ministry Specialist assigned specifically to help you. Each specialist has extensive experience in ministry and in helping student pastors succeed. They will answer your questions, make suggestions, and help guide you in building your student ministry.
  • Bonus Resources: Annual Partners also receive several bonus resources throughout the year including: podcasts from the XP3 team, student pastor forums and emails that are designed to give you additional ideas and insight to help you harness the full potential of XP3 throughout the year.

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