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XP3 Students is designed as a comprehensive student curriculum intended to fuel three relationships (God, self and others) through five filters (grow spiritually, connect relationally, serve actively, examine biblically and decide personally) in the lives of your students. XP3 will offer fresh content that covers 48 weeks per year. All series will be featured and released in seasons. Each season is three months—which is 12 weeks of content—and will include four series.

  • Fall – Aug, Sept, Oct
  • Winter – Nov, Dec, Jan
  • Spring – Feb, Mar, April
  • Summer – May, June, July

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Samples of what you get

Want to see a sample of what you get with any given series?  Here are some of the actual files from Session 1 of the XP3 series, "No Limits."

Large Group

High School


Middle School

The teaching script is a script provided for the communicator that is designed to set up the small group dialogs. The Large Group also includes an Icebreaker/Game for each session.

Small Group

High School


Middle School

Available in both a high school and middle school version, the Small Group Dialogs are intended to pick up where the main communicator left off in the teaching script or video, and help students process and apply the truths they've heard.


We believe that your environment can help you communicate the message as well. So, we provide you with creative ideas on set design, background playlist and even a suggested worship set list.

Parent CUE


The Parent CUE helps a parent and student connect through dialog or shared experiences, and gives the student pastor a way to encourage and cue parents to talk about spiritual topics with their teens as well.

The XP


The XP is an experiential way your students can live out what they are learning in each series.


Additional components included with XP3 series:

Graphic Support -
Each series includes an ecard jpeg image, a hi-res jpeg poster, Facebook Cover image, Instagram image and web banners to help you promote the series, motion loops and background slides that can be used in your presentation software.  Also included is a bumper video for you to use as a promotion video for the series and as a transition tool in session.

Social Media Plan -
Each series includes a social media plan designed for sharing specific XP3 series messages that inspire and inform parents and students. The social media plan is intended to engage students and parents weekly with the featured series content. 

XP3 Students also creates video communicators to supplement each series. These videos are intended to take the place of a live communicator and are not included with each series, but are available for an additional purchase as needed.

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